Magyar Agar, or Hungarian Sighthound, is a cousin of the Greyhound.
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In the 4th century of our era the Hungarian clans were living like shepherds on the banks of the Caspian Sea.

For centuries the "Agars" of Asian steppe followed the Hungarian on their travel to the west until they, at the 9th century, settled on the banks of Donau. During these long travels other sighthounds joined them, especially the Sloughi.

They were always on a horseback, searching for new grazing land and they were always accompanied by those big, fast and robust dogs; the sighthounds which were called "Agars" contrary to the "Kutyas", the not purebred dogs


In the 19th century the import of Greyhounds to Hungaria started due to the beginning of Sighthound races. The crossbreeds with other dogs slightly changed the coat of the Magyar Agar which was thick and heavy of origin.

The Hungarian have made a point of honour to get the Magyar Agar back to origin and to differ it from the English Greyhound.

Magyar Agar combines his power with elegance, which is typical for Sighthounds. He is more robust than a Greyhound. His size (for dogs) is between 65-70 cm, the short coat is stiff and all colours are acceptable. The nature is obedient, very friendly for kids and very cheerful.