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Year Club Region
2002 GANG (Greyhound Association of North Georgia) 7
2003 ACC (Apalachee Coursing Club) 7
2004 SEGC (Southeastern Greyhound Club) 7
2005 SLASH (Saint Louis Area Sight Hounds) 5
2006 HCA (Heartland Coursing Association) 5
2007 CLCA (Colorado Lure Coursing Association) 3
2008 NCWC (Northern California Whippet Club) 2
2009 OKIGO (Ohio Kentucky Indiana Gazehound Organization) 6
2010 SHOT (Sighthound Organization of Tidewater) 8
2011 SISFA (Southern Idaho Sighthound Field Association) 1
2012 TSSC (Tri-State Sighthound Club) 8
2013 ACC (Apalachee Coursing Club) 7
2014 Michigan Gazehound Association (MGA) 6
2015 Midwest Coursing Club (MCC) 6
2016 Greater Ocala Gainesville Lure Coursing Association 7
2017 SSRRC Sunshine State Ridgeback Club 7
2018 Indiana Lure Coursing Club (ILCC) 6
2019 Ibizan Hound Club of United States (IHCUS), Tortoise & Hare Lure Coursers (THLC) and Upper Chesapeake Bay Saluki Club (UCBSC) 8
2020 Nebraska Coursing Association (NCA) 5
2020 Silken Windhounds for Endurance, Performance & Training (SWEPT) 1


      The purpose of the ASFA’s Excellent Performance Award (EPA) is to recognize and reward those clubs which go the extra mile in providing the lure coursing fancy with good sport and the highest quality field trials. Factors which shall be considered in determining the recipient of the EPA each year are as follows (in no particular order of importance):

  • The number of trials hosted by the club each year
  • The average entry at the club’s trials, especially in comparison to the average entry of other clubs in the Region.
  • The diversity and variety of the club’s judging panels
  • The quality and variety of course plans the club uses
  • The skills of the lure operators the club uses
  • The overall organization of the trials the club hosts, including the timeliness of roll call, posting of the draw, running of the first course, posting of scores, pace and tempo of the trials, and finish times
  • The quality of trial amenities, such as morning hospitality, on-field lunches, toilet facilities, running water, and the use of public address systems to keep exhibitors informed
  • The number and quality of trophies and prizes the club offers, including perpetual trophies.
  • The manner in which the club provides welcome, education and assistance to newcomers to lure coursing
  •  The quality and timely availability of premium lists and inserts
  • The size and quality of the field(s) the club uses for its trials
  • Programs the club offers at or after its trials, including judging seminars, guest speakers, video presentations and the like
  • The hosting of Invitationals or other large events such as national specialties
  • The use of Web sites or discussion lists to keep its membership and exhibitor constituency informed
  • Community service, including education about and rescue/adoption of sighthounds in general or the breed with which the club is associated
  • Compliance with ASFA running rules, policies, and rules related to scheduling of trials, submission of premium lists, and submission of trial records.
  • The promotion of ASFA lure coursing to the sighthound fancy
  • Safety or equipment innovations the club has developed and promoted

      It is emphasized that no one factor is critical in determining whether a club is deserving of the EPA. Rather, it is overall excellent performance that is sought to be recognized.

Procedure for Determining the Recipient of the EPA

  • In January of each year, the Regional Director who has been designated as the EPA Coordinator shall solicit nominations from all Regional Directors of clubs which, in their view, are deserving of consideration for the EPA for the previous year. Ideally, each RD will nominate a club or clubs from his or her Region, though this is not required.
  • Nominations shall be made on the ASFA RD discussion list, and should consist of a short statement about the nominee club, its trials, and why in the opinion of the nominator the club deserves the EPA.
  • Following the nominations, there shall be a discussion among the RDs on the ASFA RD list about the nominated clubs, during which the RDs may offer any factual input and opinion about the clubs and why they are or are not deserving of the EPA. 
  • During the discussion period, the EPA Coordinator may consult with the Scheduling Chairman, the Records Coordinator, the Membership Chair, and the Chairman of the Field Trial Improvement Committee to solicit any information they may have about the nominated clubs that might impact either positively or negatively on the views of the RDs about which nominated club is most deserving of the EPA.
  • After ample opportunity for discussion, the RDs shall determine the recipient of the Award; it is possible that there may be more than one recipient in any given year.
  • After the recipient of the EPA is determined by the RDs, the ASFA Board of Directors as a whole shall be informed of the identity of the recipient.
  • The recipient’s identity will thereafter remain confidential within the Board, and it will be announced to the assembled delegates at the first day of the Annual Convention of Delegates. A representative of the recipient club will be presented with a framed certificate or plaque, and a summary of the original nomination statement shall be read to the assembly by the EPA Coordinator.
  • The certificate or plaque shall contain the following text:

American Sighthound Field Association

by this certificate presents to

(Name of Club)


Excellent Performance Award

on (date)

     The recipient of this award has established an exceptional record of providing the lure coursing fancy with good sport and the highest quality field trials. The ASFA commends this organization, and encourages it to continue to promote the sport of lure coursing.
(name),  President

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