Asfa Home


Scott Hurlbert
4308 Troup Ave
Kansas City, KS 66102



The ASFA Board meeting will be held at the hotel
on the 21st and 22nd of March 2024.

Meeting Agenda


  • Roll call and seating of delegates
  • Assignment of Parliamentarian
  • Assignment of Sergeant at Arms
  • Assignment of Tellers
  • Assignment of ACoD Minutes Review Committee
  • Approval of the Minutes of the last Annual Convention of Delegates 
  • Report of the President
  • Report of the Vice Presidents
  • Report of the Recording Secretary
  • Report of the Corresponding Secretary
  • Report of the Chief Financial Officer
  • Reports of the Regional Directors
  • Report of the Committees:
    • Records and Records Coordinator
    • Judges Licensing and Judges Committee
    • Membership
    • Forms Creation and Distribution
    • Scheduling
    • Website Liaison
    • Awards
    • Contract Committee
    • IT Committee
    • Archives and Historical Committee
    • Communique
    • Excellence in Performance
    • Field Trial Improvement
    • Finance and Budget
    • Long Range Planning
    • Policy Compilation
    • Public Outreach
    • Invitationals
    • Website Publication
    • ACoD Site Selection
    • Advisory Committee on Animal Issues
    • Gary Forrester Award
    • Lure Coursing Hall of Fame
  • Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws
  • Amendments to the Running Rules and Field Procedures for Lure Field Trials
  • Election of 2024-2026 officers
  • Unfinished business
  • New business
  • Adjournment

2022 ACoD UNAPPROVED Minutes

Slate of Officers by Nominating Committee