Past Honorees

2021 Person of the year

  Gary Roush

Gary was a Charter Member of the Colorado Lure Coursing Association (CLCA), which was the first ASFA club outside of California. CLCA held the first lure trial outside of California in 1973. Gary was one of the prime movers in the creation of the Colorado Grand National.

Gary served as Co-Field Trial Chairman for the Grand National in 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982,

1987, and 1988.

1975 was a very political period for allowing multi-sighthound breed clubs to become member clubs of ASFA. Gary was in the forefront of this movement despite there being a strong movement to keep only AKC parent clubs as members of and control ASFA.

In the 1980’s Gary moved to the Williamsburg, VA area where he stayed active in ASFA lure coursing joining the Sight Hound Organization of Tidewater (SHOT). He often served as field trial chairman, lure operator and judge for SHOT. Gary continued to accept judging assignments throughout the country.

Gary has served on the ASFA Board in the following positions:

·         1978 1st VICE PRESIDENT (first time on Board)

·         1980 PRESIDENT

·         1982 PRESIDENT


Gary also served four terms in the early 2000’s as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He alternated with Jeff Lipps as ASFA’s CFO for 16 years.

During ACoDs Gary would often preface his thoughts or reports with detailed stories of his mother. It felt as though his mother was an active participant in ASFA. At every ACoD we always looked forward to his (facetious) motion to eliminate the rule which does not allow drinking until after a trial is over. His subtle sense of humor always brought levity at the right moment during some arduous ACoDs.

Region 8 feels that Gary is deserving to be inducted into the ASFA Hall of Fame in the year 2021.

Past Honorees