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April, 1992, one year after his death, committee procedures were written and approved by the ASFA Board for the Gary Forrester Achievement Award

Purpose. To memorialize Gary's exemplary contributions and dedication to the advancement of lure coursing and the ASFA, the ASFA will give recognition to individuals who are deserving of this Award of Excellence.

When. This award should be presented at the Annual Convention of Delegates, annually.

What. A tastefully done certificate (larger than 8.5 x 11") signed by each officer, will be presented, framed. Blanks shall be filled in by a calligrapher.

Gary Forrester Achievement Award
(name of recipient-blank to be filled in)
On this date (year-blank to be filled in)
in recognition and appreciation of outstanding service
to the sport of lure cursing and the
American Sighthound Field Association.
(six blank lines for signature of six officers)
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The Award

Also, inclusion on the ASFA website, with a photo and brief summary about the recipient to insure recognition of the individual whether he/she was in attendance at the ACoD or not.

How the recipient will be chosen.

How the recipient will be chosen.  An active committee of three people (chosen by the Board with consideration to select committee members spread evenly across the country) will make the choice rather autonomously. The chairman of the committee will aggressively seek nominations from the members of the Board, key committee chairmen and by request on the ASFA website with nominations to be received by September 15th for consideration for next ACoD. The committee will review all nominees (maintaining a file of past nominees to be reviewed each year with the new nominations), make a choice, and then report the choice to both the winner and the board no later than January 31. This will allow the recipient time to arrange to attend the ACoD, if he/she wishes to do so. ASFA will offer to cover the cost of convention registration fees (only) as a small incentive to encourage the recipient’s attendance.

     The chairman will supply written information about the recipient, listing major accomplishments, to the ASFA webmaster and to the person presenting the award at the ACoD.

Nominations may be sent to

Evaluating nominations. Ideally, the committee will name one recipient per year, but there may be good reasons for exceptions. It is possible there may be two or more equally deserving candidates or a husband/wife team and naming one person might prove to be nearly impossible; and, conversely, there may be a year when the committee cannot agree on any recipient.

A person who is not currently a member of the Board or an active key committee chairman will be given strong preference. This award should not appear as an "in house" honor.

The committee will give preference to people who have been active and involved with ASFA lure coursing for five years or more and who have made a long-lasting, significant, and positive impact on the sport and/or association. The committee will consider, but not be limited to, the following areas of involvement: a) lure field trial participation, b) judging, c) active leadership at the local level-clubs and trial activity, d) ASFA administration, e) promoting ASFA and the growth of the sport, f) improving the quality of trials, and g) exceptional performance or effort in any other area.

All members of the committee must agree on the winner.