William E. Shainline Jr. (Wes)

As the American Sighthound Field Association enters its fifth decade, it continues to be important to recognize those who have contributed to the sport of lure coursing and the success and continuation of the ASFA. William E Shainline Jr. or Wes has made significant contribution to ASFA and lure coursing – as competitor, judge, lure operator, field trial committee member, club member, ASFA delegate, good will ambassador and in many other ways and now selected for the ASFA Hall of Fame.

Wes started coursing at the time of admission of Basenjis into the ASFA. He coursed Basenjis and Whippets, but is most known for the Basenjis – having hounds in the Top Ten, including #1 in 1981, the first and second Breed Champion LCM Basenji, Periel and Corky, and for a period had the top lure coursing Basenji of all time. Wes is also a recipient of the Forrester Award. Whether he had a top lure courser or not, Wes loved coursing and the ASFA. To all who know him, Wes is a kind and gentle man who always greeted everyone with a broad smile. In 30 + years I never saw Wes loses his temper, use profanity or treat people disrespectfully. He has been a good will ambassador for coursing being more than willing to share information with new comers to coursing as well as spectators who had never seen coursing. His welcoming, informative manner contributed to people returning and participating in the sport. At my first trial as an observer who knew nothing, he was the one who took time to explain coursing and I have seen him repeat this numerous times over the years. Having a speech problem did not prevent him from being a source of information and support.

As a founding member of the District Area Sighthounds, Wes was responsible for maintaining coursing equipment and setting up the field. This has continued over the years for DASH and other clubs. Wes also produced the clubs premium at a time when it was printed on a Mimeograph machine, a process that required production of a stencil for each page and was extremely time consuming.
It seemed impossible to arrive at the field before Wes. He was always first there and last to leave. Weather and time permitting, there was always time for a practice. Whenever another club in the  region found themselves shorthanded, Wes was there to help. In his coursing career, Wes became a judge and his judging assignments have been local and across the country, judging in all types of trials - local, regionals and specialties.

He has made himself available to perform every task at a field trial except the book work. Until recently he participated at all Regional meetings and ACODs, serving as club delegate and participating in the governing body of the ASFA. During the past couple of years, Wes’s participation has decreased due to health reasons. Although he is no longer with us on the field, his contribution to lure coursing remains. My fondest memory of Wes is arriving at the field on a cold fall morning to find him marching across the field, waist deep in fog, with a bucket of pulleys in one hand a hammer in the other……

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