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Lori Zorbaugh
ASFA Records Coordinator

Records 101

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Cover Letter for Records 101

So, we now have been following the new protocol for trial submissions for a couple of years, the biggest problem continues to be missing FTE entries. For the most part it is because the owner did not mark the entry as such nor were the required copy of registration and certification (if required) attached. The USPS continues to be a problem. I will continue to rely on each FTS to question the owner of each unfamiliar entry. Also, please make sure the FTS lists an email address that is check frequently in case I need to reach you. The longer it takes me to get needed info the longer it takes for results to be posted.

I would like to say a big Thank You to all the FTS who have responded quickly to my emails for information.

Some suggestions:

When making your roll call sheet if you have any unfamiliar entries, mark their name and have the person(s) doing roll call direct owner to see FTS to confirm that is not an FTE.

If you have an FTE that did not bring all required information have them, email or fax directly to me. This will expedite your ability to submit the results instead of waiting for them.

I am requesting that you list the breed initials by the call name on the Single Record sheet. If entries are missing information, I now have a breed to search by.

If you plan to submit the results via email, please minimize the number of files you send and try to keep in the same order that you would always use to submit. Scan each day with required paperwork into a single PDF file.

Please submit results as soon as you can. The quicker I have them the sooner I process and post results. Recently the USPS has been very slow.

As always, please contact me should you have any question(s). Email is always the best way to reach me, but you can call me if you need an answer quickly. But if you do call, I typically do not pick up if I do not recognize the number so leave a message. I may be listening and will pick up immediately.

Exciting News

Starting August 1, 2023 as a trial, any club that submits their results electronically in the following format within 7 days from the last day of trial can reduce their per capita from $4.00 to $3.50 per entry for regular trials and Regionals from $5.00 to $4.50. The II is not included in this cost reduction. Submitting electronic results – submit each day as one PDF file which should include:

  • FTS report & per capita sheet
  • Record sheets in the breed alphabetical order
  • Any FTE with required paper or entries that are required to be submitted behind breed record sheet
  •  Any judge’s sheets reflecting excusal, dismissal or disqualification behind record sheet
  • A copy of premium is not required but is appreciated.
  • I learned about a free app for your smart phone that you can scan your paperwork into a PDF file to send to me if you don’t have access to a scanner. It is called “Genius Scan”. I LOVE electronic submission!

Records 101 (update 03/23)

Daily Requirement

  • A completed copy of the FTS Report (example included) completed in entirety.
  • Per capita sheet for each day.


  • An updated copy of the premium list is required only if there were any changes to the course plan or change to judge’s panel. For changes to the judge’s panel the Chair of Judge’s must be notified of change and reason.
  • Although it is not required a copy of premium is appreciated.

Entries that must be submitted with your trial results

  • Entries for all hound(s) that are marked as FTE (First Time Entry). This must be accompanied by proof of registration (examples AKC, UKC or CKC) (Waived for NGA registered hounds & proof of certification if entered in a regular stake. This includes the Single Stake and the LCI stakes in respect to requiring the certification. If proof of certification has been waived, a copy of the signed waiver and proof of the title must be included.
  • Entry forms that indicate a change in the information (titles, address, etc.).
  • If the change is in ownership an updated copy of registration reflecting said change must be attached.
  • Entry forms that reflect that said hound is working off a dismissal.

Record Sheets

  • All record sheets completed in entirety that includes the BIF sheet. All information needs to be legible and as accurate as possible.
  • O-TRIALS15 When two judges are used, they shall be designated on the record sheet as Judge 1 and Judge 2, alphabetically by last name. This is for all judges whether Provisional or full judge.
  • O-TRIALS04 The Field Clerk’s name shall be indicated on each record sheet, but the Field Clerk’s signature is not required.
  • Per Ch V Sec 6 (g) hounds can no longer be left tied. There must be a runoff or a forfeit. The only tie that can stand is if it is the result of an error found during post-trial review by the FTS which then a note must be attached explaining the problem.
  • Any hound listed but did not run will need to have an acceptable reason (per the ASFA Running Rules) listed on the record sheet. If nothing is noted or it just says pulled, the hound will count for per capita. If an owner is unable to separate their hounds and decides to pull an entry there is no refund for this!
  • On the Singles record sheet I would like the breed initials placed in the section with the call name. It is helpful to me if I have questions and am trying to search the database.

Per Capita Sheet

  • There must be a sheet completed for each day.
  • If you are paying the fee by PayPal, send it to treasurer@asfa.org. Put PayPal transaction ID on allotted space on the Per Capita sheet. Otherwise, the check should be submitted with the trial records when sent to me.

Additional Info

  • Trial results can be submitted by email if you are able scan all record sheets, required FTS paperwork, all entries that are required to be submitted along with any required registration, certifications, etc., that you need to send to Records into a file (suggestion is to put it all in a PDF file) and submit the payment via PayPal.
  • Per Policy O-RCD12 3. Errors Discovered After the Trial Records are Published.
  • Results of field trials published will not be changed except by action of the Board.
  • Such action may be taken by electronic ballot distributed by the Corresponding Secretary.
  • Such corrections will be limited to errors brought to the Records Coordinator's attention within 60 days of the publication of the trial records. I highly suggest that you check your results when they are posted.




Host Club:                                                                                                                                      ­­­­­­­­                       Region:                                                                                                                            

Field Trial Chairman name:                                                                                                                             

FTS e-mail address:                                                                                                                                         

Trial Date:                                                                 Trial Location:                                                                

Please circle the response, and answer the questions below:

  • Were any judges changed from the approved premium list?                                                        Yes               No

If yes, list the breed judging assignments that may have been changed as well. (Include a copy of the corrected
premium list.)
Each judge is responsible for notifying the Judges Chair of any change to their assignment at judgeslic@asfa.org.

  • Were there any other significant changes to the approved premium list?                Yes                                                        No

(If so, please include with the corrected premium.)

  • Were any Open or Veteran dogs first time entrants?                        Yes                                                        No

Is yes, please include a copy of the registration form, the certification form, and the entry form.
NOTE:  Registration form is not required if the dog had previously run in singles in an ASFA trial.

  • Were any Singles first time entrants?                                                Yes                                                        No

Is yes, please include a copy of the registration form and the entry form.

  • Were any of entries marked for working off a dismissal?                 Yes                                                        No

If yes, please include the entry forms for those dogs.

  • Were any of the entries marked for change of information?               Yes                                                        No

This could be titles of the hound added, or owner information changes.
NOTE: If change in ownership, a copy of the new registration form is required.


Please continue to Page 2 and complete one entry grid for each day of the trial.

  • Entries: (One form per day of trial)













Afghan Hounds




































Cirneco dell ’Etna


















Ibizan Hounds









Irish Wolfhounds









Italian Greyhounds









Pharaoh Hounds









Rhodesian Ridgebacks


















Scottish Deerhounds









Silken Windhounds













































LCI Large









LCI Small









LCI SH (Sighthound Mix)










Totals Breed Entries









          TOTAL Breed Entries @ $4.00 per capita =                                                                                $               
          TOTAL Special Stakes (Kennel, Breeder, Bench) @ $1.00 per capita =                                   $         
          Records Fee per trial @ $15.00                                                                                                    $         
          Per capita paid by Check (included with records)                       Amount -                                  $         
          Per capita paid by Pay Pal                                                                   Amount -                          $         
          PayPal Transaction ID (if used):                                                                                                            

Special Note for Invitationals

The Regional Director is responsible to order the Rosettes and Medallions from the Awards Chairperson a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the trial. An estimate of the number of items required as close as possible is required. After the trial all remaining Rosettes and Medallions are to be returned to the Awards Chairperson within 2 weeks after the trial.

Most Frequent Records Errors

  • FTE entries not submitted, typically because owner has not marked as such.
  • Incomplete Records sheets. Must have call name & registration number.
  • Not marking forfeits, just marking the placement(s).
  • The name (not signature) of the field clerk is missing (required to be listed on the Record sheet).
  • Giving hounds placements that have not total 50% of possible combined score.
  • Per capita difference between check submitted and my count. Without some sort of per capita break down I have nothing to try to figure out where the error might be.


• Organization of Trial Records for Submission *previously listed in the rulebook
The following required items must be promptly sent to the Records Coordinator following each trial, indicated in Ch. VI:

  1. Proper per capita fees made payable to the ASFA in USD. Current fee for each hound entered on the Record sheet which has not been excused as lame or in season at or prior to roll all. Only lame, in-season, hounds pulled due to change of judge/lure operator or hounds determined to have a breed disqualification are eligible for refund of the entry fee. Ch. I Section 3 The record sheet should reflect the refund was given. All other hounds listed will count toward per-capita. Just writing PULLED is not acceptable and will be counted. All per capita fees shall be paid with a club check, certified check, money order or through an electronic funds transfer (EFT). Do not send cash or personal checks. If you use PayPal send to treasurer@asfa.org and mark on the per capita sheet.
  2. A copy of the approved premium list only if there are any course plan changes or changes to the judging panel. A letter of explanation of these changes.
  • All record sheets for every course, including re-runs and runoffs if required. Notations of reasons why hounds who were entered did not run, e.g., absent, bitches in season, lame, dismissed, disqualified under the ASFA breed disqualifications, excused by the Field Trial Chairman, etc. filled out and written legibly.

The following must also be included:

  • Proof of registration, completed certification and entry forms for hounds entered for the first time.
  • Entry forms that include notations for hounds working off a dismissal.
  • Entry forms that include any indicated change of information (e.g. new titles, address change or change of ownership [changes to ownership require and updated copy of registration showing the change]).
  • Per Capita Report Sheet

The preferred order to use in organizing this material for submission is:

  • Per capita payment and worksheet showing entries for per capita. If submitted by EFT please mark the amount and date submitted on the worksheet. There is a space for the transaction number.
  •  Premium list if needed.
  • Record Sheets in the alphabetical breed order: Best in Field/Event record sheet (filled out completely).
  • Any entries should be in the same alphabetical breed order.

Chapter VI Section 3: The host club shall maintain a completed set of all the records submitted for a period of one year following the lure field trial(s).  Suggestion, scanning the paperwork will take up less space and will be easier to get rid of or keep for club history.

• Filling in the Trial Record Sheets

The record sheets must be completely and legibly filled out. This includes the complete names of the judges, the call names and registration numbers of the hounds, etc. If an entered hound is not competing, the reason should be entered on the record sheet, as should the reason for any excusal, dismissal, or disqualification. For tie runoffs, the blanket color and total score only should be entered in the “Runoff” column; similarly, for Best of Breed runs, enter only these items in the “BOB Runoff” column. This becomes even more important since not all entries will be submitted with the results.
Submission of Records
With the changes in regard to submission of trial info it will become even more important to have contact information for the FTS as with the limited information being submitted I have to rely on the FTS to make sure that I get the needed information. So, if you have an entry and you are not familiar with the hound or owner please confirm with said owner that the hound indeed was previously entered in ASFA. Since the only info that I will be getting is the registration number and the call name I foresee problems! If I have trouble getting in touch with the FTS this will delay results being entered and subsequently getting posted on the Web.

Trial Fees (Per Capita Info)
ASFA Club Trial                                            $4.00 per entry
ASFA Regional Invitational                          $5.00 per entry
ASFA International Invitational                 $6.00 per entry
ASFA Surcharge                                           $15.00 per trial

Kennel, Breeder & Bench per entry $1.00 per entry (for Invitational events only)

Point System


Number of Hounds Competing










10 or More

First Place











Second Place



* 9








Third Place











Fourth Place











NBQ (Next Best Qualified)











                                                              NBQ --receives no points

The winner of Best of Breed receives the higher number of points available from the Open, Field Champion or Veteran stake, but must defeat the winner of the other stake(s) in a run-off.
* Example:  a hound places second in a stake/flight of 3  = 9 points.

Note:  A hound must defeat a qualifying hound to count as a qualifying placement towards title requirements. 

The hound winning BIF now gets 4 points for each hound that has competed in BIF in addition to the points earned in the regular stake up to a maximum of points. 

A single entry in a stake, who defeats another hound to win Best of Breed, will earn a qualifying (competitive) first placement for defeating a qualifying hound.  A single entry in a breed, awarded Best of Breed, will earn a first placement for winning Best in Field against a qualifying hound.

When requesting your hound(s)’ records by mail, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for reply. You can request your hound(s)’ point standing without charge at any time by email from the ASFA Records Coordinator at records@asfa.org. Fill out the request at www.asfa.org/records/record.htm

When requesting hound information please include

  • Breed,
  • Registration Number
  • Registered Name
  • Date of the last trial in which your hound earned points (if possible)

Field Championtitle requirements:                                      100 points and

              • two (2) First placements or
  • one (1) First and two (2) Second placements (all placements must be over a qualifying hound)

Veteran Field Champion title requirements:                        75 points and

  • two (2) First placements or
  • one (1) First and two (2) Second placements (all placements must be over a qualifying hound)

Lure Courser of Meritrequirements:                                    Field Champion title,

  • an additional 300 points and
  • four (4) additional First placements from the Field Champion stake over qualifying hounds

LCM II, LCM III, etc.:same as Lure Courser of Merit.

Veteran Lure Courser of Merit requirements:                     Veteran Field Champion title,

  • an additional 200 points and
  • four (4) additional First placements from the Veteran Field Champion stake over qualifying hounds.

Veteran LCM II, LCM III, etc.:same as Veteran Lure Courser of Merit.

Title of Coursing Proficiency (TCP)                                   100 proficiency points and

  • two (2) First placements or
  • one (1) First and two (2) Second placements (all placements must be over a qualifying hound)

Title of Coursing Proficiency Excellent (CPX)                  Title of Coursing Proficiency title and,

  • an additional 300 proficiency points and
  • four (4) additional First placements from the Single stake over qualifying hounds

Titles for Lure Chasing Instinct (Large & Small)   Lure Chasing Champion (LCC)          100 proficiency points and

  • two (2) First placements or
  • one (1) First and two (2) Second placements (all placements must be over a qualifying hound)

Lure Chasing Senior (LCS) 300 Proficiency points and

  • four (4) additional First placements from the Single stake over qualifying hounds

Lure Chasing Instinct (LCI)                                                  Attained 8 qualifying scores

Lure Chasing Advanced (LCA)                                           Attained 20 qualifying scores


Veteran Lure Chasing Champion (VLCC)                          Hound must be over the age of 7 get 100 proficiency points and

  • two (2) First placements or
  • one (1) First and two (2) Second placements (all placements must be over a qualifying hound)

Veteran Lure Chasing Senior (VLCS)                                 Hound must be over the age of 7 with the VLCC title and,

  • an additional 300 proficiency points and
  • four (4) additional First placements from the Single stake over qualifying hounds

Please feel free to contact me with any questions/inquiries into YOUR hound(s) record, any records related question or a specific trial results. The easiest way to reach me is via email. You can leave a voice mail at the number below, but I am not as faithful with responding to voicemail as I am email. I will try to respond in a timely manner. Please!!! If you have questions or concerns regarding record, contact me!!! We can only fix or change what is brought to our attention. I try to be very open to new ideas and will follow up on any/all suggestions.

Lori L. Zorbaugh
ASFA Records Coordinator
1900 Normandie Dr
York, PA 17408-1536
**717-764-6921 Before 9PM EST
FAX 1-413-228-4773
Email: LZorbaughRC@aol.com