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ATTENTION:  When requesting a trial date, please use this on-line date request form.  Please use the SCHEDULING@ASFA.ORG address for all Scheduling issues.

* Indicates a required field
In requesting a date, please include the following information:
LOCATION: Trial site and nearest major city
TRIAL TYPE: All-Breed / Specialty (and breed) / Invitational / Fun Trial
(To schedule a Regional Invitational, a club must receive written approval from its Regional Director, a copy of which must accompany the date request.)
PRIORITY: If the date requested is intended as a priority date for the following year, check the "Priority" Column
Note: A maximum of eight trial dates, falling on up to four weekends, can be scheduled at any one time. A club can hold priority on a maximum of six trial dates, falling on up to three weekends. A date will be held by priority until 120 days prior to the corresponding date in the following year (see the Corresponding Date Table). If a club does not specify which of its dates it wishes to hold by priority, Scheduling will assume the first ones within the calendar year. 
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