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The American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) is an organization of Sighthound fanciers dedicated to the common goal of preserving and further developing the natural beauty, grace, speed and coursing skill of the Sighthound. ASFA maintains rules, procedures, and records for lure field trials. We will endeavour to promote lure field trials for sighthounds.

ASFA maintains and promotes the sport of lure coursing by means of a number of activities.

  • Rules for the conduct of the trial, judge licensing, etc.
  • Records keeping for championship
  • Awards and Certificates
  • Information about the sport, including videos

Goals of Our ASFA Web Site

We will provide information about the sport of lure coursing, and places to locate additional information, for newcomers or those curious about the sport. For existing lure coursing enthusiasts, we provide accurate and timely information about events, contact information for clubs, and ASFA resources. For those involved in the running of lure trials, and for ASFA officials and committees, the site is a resource for improving communication and reducing costs.